About Us


Lady P’s Boutique was born out of a deeply rooted passion for women’s fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and an internal drive to leave a mark on the local community.

Laura is the owner, creator, and visionary behind the boutique. She is an operational guru, she has a pulse for people, and a knack for dreaming up the big picture. After 25 years as a businesswoman pursuing a career in Human Resources and Operations she decided to take a risk and in 2016 left her path to become an entrepreneur.  Spending many years on the road traveling for work, gave her a keen sense of the experience she wanted to introduce and where she wanted to introduce it. Laura wanted to create a destination for women of multiple generations, a store that would service women’s everyday needs, a place women gathered, and in the end a personalized retail environment women craved. Above all, she wanted to create this space right in the center of the incredible place she calls home, New London, NH.

That's how Lady P’s came to life! In the fall of 2016 Laura purchased the former Lemon Twist on Main Street in New London. Lady P’s Boutique values and prides itself on carrying brands of the highest integrity, elevated quality, and most natural components.  It is considered a top destination for all things feminine and founded on the principle that everything a woman needs from the start of her day to the close can be found there. Not to mention, exceptional customer service lies at the core of this teams success.

The Lady P's in-store experience features multiple showrooms with a variety of product and brands. Laura’s aim is to appeal to those searching for country casual, urban sophistication, or somewhere in between. Her vision began by offering an extensive line of jeans for women of all ages and all body shapes. Expanding on the everyday wear for the casual woman, the boutique offers a vast assortment that supports everyone’s clothing budget and or therapeutic hunts. Women will find professional wear for their next business trip, cocktail wear for a special event, classic sweaters for a night curled up by the fire, bathing suits or cover-ups for their next tropical getaway, and of course, accessories to pair back to it all.  Did we mention home goods to spruce up your home aesthetic is on the way? (The vision board is growing with ideas and new concepts and possibly a new location in 2019!!)

Woven into the framework of Lady P’s Boutique is a focus on beauty + wellness that extends beyond clothing. Inside the shop, women will be introduced to BeautyCounter, an organic line of skincare and makeup using only natural ingredients. Pair this with the boutique’s more recent introduction of essential oils by doTERRA and together they’re designed to aide customers with their mental beauty + wellness, the most important of all.  

Laura is blessed to share her vision for entrepreneurship, community, and success with her business partner and husband, Shane. Together, they share the peaks and valleys of being small town business owners, as they are both partners in the boutique and their property maintenance business, Pillsbury Property Maintenance, LLC.

Lady P’s Boutique is a family business after all. Laura and Shane’s three beautiful children, Paige, Katlyn, and Connor each make their own unique contributions to the world of Lady P.  Paige is a graduate of Lasell University where she majored in Fashion Merchandising and Global Buying. While she resides in Arizona she is often with Laura on buying trips and acts as a behind the scenes advisor. Katlyn is currently studying for her masters degree Psychology in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the store’s biggest cheerleader and often Laura’s balance and counselor. After all, that is why she is pursuing a PHD in Psychology! Their youngest, Connor, will be a high school freshman in the fall, and often shows his passion for fashion, (albeit most commonly basketball sneakers) and has a terrific entrepreneurial spirit.

 Laura is thrilled for all that lies ahead and she thanks you from the bottom of her heart for being a part of Lady P’s Boutique's journey!